Big Sur Scented Candle, Coconut Wax, Amber

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The Scent. Big Sur scented candle features a captivating blend of sea salt, eucalyptus, lavender, and rose that captures the essence of the natural and serene beauty of Big Sur. The scent begins with the invigorating aroma of sea salt, evoking memories of the crashing waves and salty air that make the California coast so iconic. The middle notes of eucalyptus bring a fresh and minty quality to the fragrance, reminiscent of the aromatic plants and trees that thrive in the coastal climate. The scent is rounded out by the soothing and floral aromas of lavender and rose, adding a calming and peaceful quality to the fragrance. Ingredients. We are using the finest natural ingredients in the market to provide a candle that meets the highest quality standards while producing an unparalleled fragrance experience. The scents are always free of phthalates as well as materials with similar health concerns, including carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxins, organ toxins and acute toxins.