Evil Eye Bracelet

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Color Evil Eye

Glass beads multiple colors.

The “Nazar” or “Evil Eye” is over 5,000 years old. It is found in all mayor religions and through countless cultures. It is believed that the eye protects is owner from Evil spirits and the jealousy and “Ill will of others. Worn on the body as jewelry or placed in the home and car its mystical quality works right up o this modern days.

  • Green: Success with your dreams. Balance in your life. Freedom to pursue new ideas. Good health.
  • Red: Brings you courage. More enthusiasm and energy. Protection from fears and anxieties.
  • Pink: Protect your friendships. Calming feeling. Content and relaxation.
  • Purple: Boost your imagination. Re-balance your life. To remove obstacles.
  • Light blue: General projection. Broadening your perspective. Solitude and peace.
  • Black: Power and prosperity protection. A restful emptiness.
  • Orange : Happiness and protection in life 
  • Yellow: Precuts health, relieves exhaustion and sharpens your mind and your concentration.
  • Brown connection to nature and earth bring stability and balance to life 

Standard size fits 6” 1/2 , 7” wrist.

If you have any request or doubt about the bracelet size, please write us at info@justfilo.com