Floral Smudge Bundle - White Sage and Dragon Daisy Flowers

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Our White Sage + Daisy Florals blend is perfect for use in ceremonies or other sacred spaces. Its unique aroma creates a welcoming and calming environment, helping you to focus and achieve a deeper level of spiritual connection. Each blend may vary slightly in color due to the natural variations in the flowers used. Try our White Sage + Daisy Florals blend today and experience its transformative power for yourself. It is the perfect tool for anyone seeking to enhance their spiritual practice and promote a sense of overall well-being. SIZE: 4" | QTY: 12 Sticks 🌿 Liv Rocks Sage is sustainably grown on private land and very carefully collected to preserve these sacred plants. ✨ Get rid of negative energy, neutralize a space for meditation or tarot session, or dispel bad vibes in your home with our beautiful sage products Purple is LAVENDAR PINK is Rosemary Multi is Daisy