Often Wander Incense

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Warm Winds: Our Warm Winds candle is inspired by summer at its finest moments. It will remind you of those warm summer nights. The blend of coconut, freesia, and white tea is soothing, sweet, and warm.

Slow Motion: Our Slow Motion Mood Candle will have you falling deeper and deeper into a state of bliss and inner peace as you breath in each new layer. A balanced and layered scent of all earthly treasures: sage, sandalwood, tobacco, and smoke create a meditative and mature scent that is balmy, woodsy, and smokey.

Night Walk: Our Night Walk Mood Incense is inspired by wandering through nature under the light of the moon. The scent is lush with a combination of gorgeous florals at their peak blossom. It is a mix of soft magnolia, sweet lilac, exotic rose with the strength and groundness of the Palo Verde tree.

Last Light: Our Last Light Mood Incense is inspired by those magical moments at dusk, as the sun has gone down but the magic of sunset glows upon us. The blend of green tea, jasmine, and sea salt will turn any night into a perfect and memorable one. Its ozone accords are brisk and fresh and clean with hints of floral and salty ocean breezes.

24 sticks per tube Often Wander incense are made with quality essential and fragrance oils. Clean and slow burning, each incense stick burns for about 60 minutes. Hand-made in San Diego, CA.